Glitch Grantham


I’m not much of a review person, I usually just blog and go, however I feel like blabbering about this cause anyone that knows me knows that when it comes to tattoos, I’m a pain in the ass and I’m just incapable of picking out a tattoo and buying it. So, the following tattoo lands in my inventory last night, and I must say, I’m in love. It’s different, I absolutely love love love the concept of it and you need to stop reading, stare at the amazingness that it is and run to buy it.

(Thank you Lu)


The tattoo comes in 3 shades, dark, med and faded. I’m wearing the dark version on the pictures shown.

I need to add that I absolutely love the detail of the skin being ripped showing off the insides which happen to have a cyber look, something that I’m completely mad about.


Run to Vestigium.

or if you’re one of those lazy folk, here’s the marketplace for you.

For further interest:

Skin – Glam affair

Hair – Loq

Eyes – Suicidal unborn

Piercing – HoD

Pasties – Plastik.

Panties – Glue Ink

That’s all for now.

– Titchifer Assram


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