Glitch Grantham

Oh May god.

Ha. Humor, that isn’t exactly funny.

Anyways, you have tonight and tomorrow to get your asses to HOD and not miss out on the sale Aydan is having.

Piercings have new textures, AND the old ones! \o/

Those are the new textures, featured in the piercing “Nara”

So yeah, make sure you stop by HOD before you miss out :>

And more news is the new Al Vulo skin, May. Will be released in the Winter Fair so keep your eyes out for this beauty. :)

It comes in 3 different tones, Bronze, Sun-kissed and Porcelain.

May – Ghost of the Past Porcelain

:> Speshul makeup.

ALSO, the skin can be found here not al vulos main store!

So yeah, lazy blog, that’s all I have for you today. I’ve been busy and shit. Can’t expect more these days.


– Titchifer Assram


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