Dream Afterthought, Glitch Grantham

Mmm, goodies

So Miss Aydan God Mother Darcy did it again and has some amazing releases for you guys.

Let me introduce you first to her set, parasitic.

There’s the normal version and the spiked version of each.

Next I’ll introduce you to the other facial piercing release, Chained.

And here is the amazing collar collection, lets start with the Draconic Spike Collar

And the Draconic Claw Collar

And of course, the lustful chained set. :>

Last but not least is the compilation, Draconic Girl set.

This set brings the Chained facial piercing set, the Draconic Spiked Collar v4, and the Lustful “Chained” Prt. 2 piercing.


The parasitic set and Chained set, both facial piercing releases along with the Draconic Girl compilation all bring makeup by Nuuna :D

and you should just stop reading this and go to HOD and pick these up, ya?


Enjoy the ear rape.

Also this

– Titchifer Assram & Faja Afterthought


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