Glitch Grantham

HOD news

Here’s the new Fall 2011 Piercing Collections from HOD.


Please note, that the names at the bottom of the pictures are the names of the *textures* some new some old.

The names of the piercings themselves would be above the sets.

Also, these piercings are a collaboration with +Nuuna+, that means that the makeup worn on these are very much included in the packs :)

– .HoD. – Cathaldus Piering 

New Textures ( Lush Foliage & Orchid Mantis)

( Silver Lining, Razor & Slide )

– .HoD. – Om Shanti Piercing Collection



(Silver Lining)


(Slide) [I missed one, sh :x]

– .HoD. – Silentium Piercing Colletion





(Silver Lining)



Happy shoppings

– Titchifer Assram.


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