Glitch Grantham


Okay so, for once I’m doing something somewhat serious.

I feel very uninspired lately. I’ve tried to shop, I don’t really see much that catches my attention. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m a disgusting shopaholic, things have been bought but most of the time they just rot away in my inventory and go unnoticed until I get bored, look through my inventory and it’s like AHH, TREASURE!

Either way, no inspiration = no posts.

Till today, I thought to myself, I should really get to posting something soon, but what if everything is just eh and blah?

I’m a bit of a skin whore, everyone who knows me knows this… I’m not here trying to attempt yet another skin whore challenge, FAR FROM IT.

I am far too lazy to do all that but instead I got an idea. I didn’t really want to do just another regular post.

Pick the one thing I love, my favooorite thing, as I mentioned before me being a skin whore ofc my favorite thing would be a skin but it’s soooooo hard to pick just one… so what I did instead was look back at my skin folders, to look at which stores I tend to return the most for skins. What stores get me excited for a new release that I can’t just wait to try and go buy as soon as it’s released. I came up with a few… a huge one that was forgotten cause of course I *always* have to make a mistake in a post. It’s what happens behind the madness people, I always fuck up a post even if you don’t notice I can promise you that. Luckily for me, said skin was blogged previously so you wont miss out on it.

So basically what this whole thing is about, picking my favorite thing to shop for that you can’t resist, you may be a shopaholic in general but come on, I think we’ve all got a weakness… and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who finds it more than impossible to pick just 1.

So here’s something out of the ordinary, at least for me…

I hope you enjoy and at the least get you thinking about what is it that’s your weakness in the shopping world of second life.

The list goes in alphabetical order, not preferences. =)

Al Vulo – Renzie

Atomic – Grace

Belleza – Melissa

Body Co. – Iris

Curio – Pin Up

Dr Life – LeneEuro

Lara – Aimee

Laqroki = Linnea

Leafy – Luna

League – Taylor

MotherGoose – Hena III

Mynerva – Isana

Pink Fuel – Kumi

Plastik – Lionheart

Ploom – Maia

RedGrave – Vampire

Tres Blah

As I mentioned before, I forgot to take 1 picture, but the store could never go over-looked. I also mentioned the skin being in a previous blog post you can find here.

The skin is Layla, by Glam Affair.

I think that’s all for now, I probably forgot something but no fear… surely I’ll be back with more skin madness in the future. :>

Till next time.

– Titchifer Assram.


1 thought on “Favorite.”

  1. Wow crazy gorgeous skins! I own 2 of these already, and I think you just made me want to get a couple more. Are you using the same shape for all of the photos?

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