Glitch Grantham


Let me just start out by saying this is one of the best pictures in the history of pictures…

Anddddd song…

And the reason I’m blogging this morning.

– .HoD. – has joined La Venta Eventa.

More Info Here 

Hair: Ploom – Quinnie
Skin: DrLife Skin Xue
Makeup: Fleshtone :: NightGlam Eyeliner
Piercings: HOD – Symphony prt 1/ HOD Dimpled (made into antieyebrow and vertical labret)
Necklaces: Cobrahive – Kusari Collar / HOD Nothing’s Necklace
Bracelet: Nothing’s Bracelet
Top: Cynful Zone’s Off Shoulder Top
Belt: Miel Cali Cords
Jeans: L*inc Tyra low rise jeans
Boots: Bax Prestige suede.

I’m boring sometimes, but I’m still cute.

Ⓒнυηкч נєşѕч ßσί: ID HIT THAT
Ⓒнυηкч נєşѕч ßσί: ㋡ JUS SAYIN ㋡

^ see *shrugs*



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