Glitch Grantham


Love – Nature’s way of tricking people into reproducing.

^ Fuckin love urban dictionary.

I can’t reproduce with the following, however be it possible I’d attempt it.

– .HoD. – Symphony Piercing

– .HoD. – Cast Off Piercing

– .HoD. – Mezzanine Piercing Collection

– .HoD. – Screw Piercing

So as you see above, these are the latest releases from HOD.

Each one with an exclusive tattoo layer by Nuuna.

I’d sit here talking my ass off about how amazing these are but the pictures speak for themselves…

Please note these are best worn with low priority AO.

In other words if your pixels are hyperactive knock that shit the fuck out or don’t wear them, bitch.

I’m not moody at all.

Also, please recognize where you saw these piercings first, since a lot of people in SL seem to lack originality.

With that said…

Taxi to HOD


-Titchifer Assram


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