Glitch Grantham

Up the fuck shut!

Or in a nicer way, SHUSH!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a whore for bodysuits, but as much as I love them they can get boring design wise and well, when my peepers peeped these, I about popped a boner!

AND YES I HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS, my child was kind enough to get me a penis chair.

And there’s even more. >.> Sexy corsage that i LAHV LAHV LAHV, i want its love!

I’m sorry you have to see my titties child, but.. yeah I’ve got nothing just accept the apology.

AAAAAAAND she happened to release these cute little tops that you’ve just gotta get your pixelated hands on.




off you go!

– Titchifer Assram

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