Dream Afterthought

Gatcha Got Me.

so.. i’m sure most of you heard it’s gatcha season.. at Albero again.. well i raided it with a couple of friends.. in which we all received gifts from our failures lmao But since i bought sooo much cute crap.. i am going to share =)

Gatcha - buncha stuff

Glasses: Alphavillain ~ Sinner-Man Glasses
Necklace: [croire] ~ pop portrait pendant
Shirt: *RUDE REBEL* ~ Spring Cami
Lamp: [North West] ~ Lampshade Hung On The Wall

Gatcha - Berries Inc

Berris Inc ~ Gatcha Shirt

Gatcha - Vanitas Vesture Obsessive Skirt

Vanitas Vesture ~ Obsessive Skirt

Gatcha - Absolution Rose Flats

Absolution ~ Rose Flats

Gatcha - Yummy Ring Pop

Yummy ~ Ring Pop

So, go have sum fun with your friends buy sum really cute cheap stuff.. mix & match.. at the Gatcha event!!
>> Albero <<

– Dream Afterthought


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