Dream Afterthought

My Eyes Are Up Here! :O

so.. this is usually lmao.. glitch’s thing because well i am usually properly covered right? so you get a treat my tits all up in yo grill.. it turned into a tit mod party.. oh yeah gurl lmao.. but anyways HOD made some amazing nipple piercings that is what we are here for right? on to..

Hod - Nipple - Prt1

1) – .HoD. – Lustful Piercing – Captivated – Razor
2) – .HoD. – Lustful Piercing – Double Hoop – Silver Lining
3) – .HoD. – Lustful Piercing – Hoop – Slide

Hod - Nipple - prt2

4) – .HoD. – Lustful Piercing – Scorpion – Razor
5) – .HoD. – Lustful Piercing – Torqued – Slide

ok, so they are a hand made texture, with a NIPPLE! yeah, i said it they have there own mod nipple you can fix to match your skin.. so run on over to HOD & pick them up asap.. it is the only way to go & be topless!

~ otherwise ~
Skin: Laq
Pants: Cynful
Belt: Pepper

Enjoy, Dream Afterthought


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