Dream Afterthought, Glitch Grantham

walking advertisment!

i have noticed, when glitch & i shop together .. we tend to slack together.. which means standing dancing in sum shop .. not even noticing wut is going on.. but tonight in our drunken stupor.. at magika i noticed we were perved by all whom demo’d bought the hairs.. that recent came out.. i thought it was funny.. never ever buy ahair unless you demo idc how good it looks on someone else it could look shitty on you! though i cant share what glitch is wearing unless she wishes to edit & share i will what i am =)

walking advertisment

walking advertisment - kiss my ass

& i crashed during my pic!


hair: magika ~ tess
skin: Laq ~ Julie
make up: *T.Whore* ~ Make UP 6

shirt/dress: PIG ~ Darling baby (woulda been a proper dress if prims were mod? i love pig.. but WTF!?)
panties: *T.Whore* ~ Bunny Bikini White (Extra)
shoes: .+*AA*+. Flats ~ star light

tats: Ana ~ Davinci
1- HoD ~ dimpled
2- Cobrahive ~ Gautum
flower: [EY:NO] ~ Sunflower Subscribe Gift (wear)

sometimes simple is better (disreguard that, i suck cocks), (pardon me, glitch likes it up the ass)(I did learn from the best, father did always teach me right), what she i wearing.. no idea she can mod the post if she wants im too drunk to ask.. but we had fun, & well magika got business, not that the needed it lmao

xox Dream


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