Glitch Grantham

Oh my aching dick…


*League* Taylor – Blackice


Detour – Hairbase S4

.+*Jane*+.Black [MS]


Nuuna’s Makeup v4 1

Nuuna’s Makeup v5 8

– Glam Affair – Make-up Layer 04


[Plastil]-Elven Ears-Battle


Cake – Bedroom Lashes

Cake – Runway Lashes


– .HoD.- Scorpio v2 Piercing

– .HoD.- Nara Part1


– .HoD.- Mercenary Part 2

– .HoD.- Nothing’s Necklace v2

[Bubble] Skull Posture collar

(Hello, my name is Glitch Grantham and I have an abusive relationship with multiple layers and attachments)




+Grasp+ Leather Biker Jacket


:[P]:- Octane-J-Complex-Noir


[Intimizzio] Classic Vita Panties – Black


Tattoo Neo3_GOK


*DD* Sonata Dark Boots

(What you see on them is Fairlights armblades, re-attached to lower legs and modded)


Yeah, stuff and things and such of the happening variety kind.


– Titchifer Assram


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