Glitch Grantham

Oh Lyla

Right so if making shapes isn’t your strong point then pay attention!

It definitely isn’t an easy task and finding a decent shape now a days in sl is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

I don’t usually blog shapes, but this shape more than deserves a spot in the blog.

I would not blog a shape unless I thought it was more than decent, which I know this one is. As you can see above the shape works with *many* skins.

There are 9 above, and it pretty much worked with all the skins I tried it on, of course I’m a skin whore and I do not have the time or energy to take that many pictures so you’ll have to settle for the above, if you’re still unsure here‘s the shape demo and you can try it with your own skins.

Not only does it have a great face but of course a good body.

and yes, yet again this is one of the many skins it works with so be sure to check it out, I promise you this shape is more than worth it.

You can find the demo and actual shape here.

Happy shoppings


– Glitch Grantham


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