Dream Afterthought

Date Night.

I wasn’t planning on bloging so fast.. but one of my favorite stores is closing it’s doors.. EmJay she is having a big sale you don’t want to miss. So anyways, i didn’t have much content i added bob to it with sum hot stuff.. i was going to do a whole scene but i got lazy mid way through. trying to dress 2 people is stressful leme tell ya!


datenight oufits

On Dream:

Hair: Elikapeka ~ Wish
Skin: Mynerva ~ Misti Noir Raven
Make Up: L.Fauna ~ Smokey Cat

Jeans: EmJay ~ Shredded Jeans ( closing soon so hurry =[ )
Shoes: Urbanity ~ Simple Flats


On Bob:

Hair: Explicit ~ Ax Royce
Skin: Burried ~ Femboy

Jacket & Shirt: kal rau ~ Leather Jacket
(comes with 3 versions jacket, jacket & shirt, & jacket with collared shirt)
Jeans: Connors ~ Hip-huggers Jeans
Belt: END ~ fret belt
Shoes: UBU ~ PornStar Lo-Tops

Hurry & Get To Emjay Before it Closes! :(

xox Dream Afterthought


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