Glitch Grantham


O hai…

So yes I slacked on blogging.. yes I’m overloading the fuck out of you but admit it, it’s sooooo fucking worth it.

I bring you 3 sets of piercings by HOD.

First picture:

– .HoD. – Sideswept Piercing – Slide | – .HoD. – Bulletproof  – Slide

Second Picture:

– .HoD. – Sideswept v2 Piercing – Slide |- .HoD. – Bulletproof v2  – Slide

Third Picture:

– .HoD. – Sideswept v3 Piercing – Slide |- .HoD. – Bulletproof v3  – Slide

First Picture:

– .HoD. – Torque v1 – Slide

Second Picture:

– .HoD. – Torque v2 – Slide

Third Picture:

– .HoD. – Torque v3 – Slide

Fourth Picture:

– .HoD. – Torque v4 – Slide


Awesomeness delivered.

Disagree and die.

These babies will be out by tomorrow so be sure to pick them up and do not forget to hit the subscribo for upcoming releases. =)

Taxi to HOD



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