Dream Afterthought

a lil..loopy

so OMG.. so much is going on & coming out.. i got excited *sings I’m coming out & i want the world to knooow”
lmao.. yesh so.. fun fancy I’d like to call them robo tops.. from the sea hole, Medley is having a 10 – 20L temporary closing sale, & THE glasses i have been waiiiiting for from Onyx Wear finally came out.. *does a jig* OH i almost forgot my skin yeah my panties got wet.. is what i am showing.. yes i am a bit crazy today!!

here is that song..

& ya.. on to look!

Hair: Lamb ~ Honey
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Eva

Shirt: The sea hole ~ Plated patent Bustier & clutch
(i got so excited i bought 2 colors)
Skirt: K&CO – Metallic Dot Knit Skirt
Pants: Medley ~ Gen2 Skinnies
( I bought the whole store almost closing sale so HURRY! )
Shoes: Milk Motion ~ my french ballerinas

Onyx Wear ~ Shades Cuda Lights
Onyx Wear ~ Shades Runway (only 1l for now!)




lmao.. enjoy!
xox dream afterthough


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