Dream Afterthought


so, my old friend Kehl has a shop by the name of RazorBlade Jacket. I had never been (I’m a slacker).. But he has some really amazing stuff for both women & men!! gave me a chance to blog my boi avi that i love so much! here ya go!

You’re so lonely, and always love you
Stop your screaming, no-one can hear
All the scars on your skin host no thrills
Hide from the new
The cracks and the memories
Hide from your family
They wont know you now
For all the holes in your soul
Host no thrills

Beautiful, you were so beautiful
– Muse – Razor Blades

:: On BoB ::



Skin: Buried ~ Femboy
Hair: Explicit ~ The ‘Frick Finkler’

Shirt: Razorblade Jacket ~ ANNIHILATION Shirt
Pants: Razorblade Jacket ~ Blown Out Carbon
Shoes: WMD ~ ROT Test Boots

Piercing: Buried ~ Dawn
Tattoo: Foxy Demons ~ Punk ‘n’ Stars
Necklace: $Dustarrz$ ~ Antique Necklace
Bracelets: SiniStyle ~ J Bracelets
Hand Wrap: SiniStyle ~ Taped Fist
Belt: BLITZED ~ Legacy Belt

:: On Dream ::


Hair: Ploom ~ Tovi
Skin: Mynerva – Plain Jane
Make Up: Little Pricks ~ Masked Moth

Shirt: Luck Inc ~ Tiedtop
Pants: Razorblade Jacket ~ Ripped to Hell Jeans
Boots: TheAbyss ~ NAU Combat Boots

Piercing: HoD ~ Knock Out
Necklace: HoD ~ The Crosary v4
Bracelets: SiniStyle ~ J Bracelets
Hand Wrap: SiniStyle ~ Taped Fist

Other Goodies I Picked Up!!


^ they come in a set! ^


^ He had more awesome jeans, & some reallllllly great leggings! wooo! ^

So, i say get your bums down to RazorBlade Jacket!!

xox Dream & BoB


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