Glitch Grantham


Behind every pretty woman there’s always a creeper waiting for the right moment to yell “Surprise buttsecks”

That is not what this post is about though, my lovely Leigh has just released her new Tattoo, it’s called love affair :> and it’s only 30L and above there’s the picture of it! Now if you’re clueless as to which one is the tattoo I’d have to say get the fuck out, since it’s clearly the sexy little lipstick mark on my neck. :>

You can find it here!

Store is under construction, :> but you’ll be able to find the tattoo.. if you don’t I’ll rape you with a rake.

Hair: Ploom

Skin: Curio

Shirt: League

Piercings: HOD

Creeper Behind Me: Mine, can’t has, get your own. No trans! NO TRANS.

-Glitch Grantham


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