Dream Afterthought, Glitch Grantham

Morning Wood!

SOOO haha before i post about the HUNT ik im putting it off it’s a lot of work. anyways, me & lil (glitch) were trying to decide what to wear had some misshaps with the pose stands, & woke up the lovely Ashley sleeping rl in my sl bed.. so we decided to try to wake her up further & failed… then decided.. we had hard ons to post a blog!

[06:02]  Dream Afterthought: poor ash
[06:02]  Dream Afterthought: DX
[06:02]  Glitch Grantham: lmao
[06:02]  Dream Afterthought: DX
[06:02]  Dream Afterthought: DX
[06:02]  Glitch Grantham: PENISSSSSS !!!  \(.:.:.)/
[06:02]  Dream Afterthought: innocent bytander
[06:02]  Dream Afterthought: stander
[06:03]  Glitch Grantham: ;,mfap
[06:03]  Glitch Grantham: bytander ❤
[06:03]  Dream Afterthought: gettin spouged
[06:03]  Glitch Grantham: lmfao
[06:03]  Glitch Grantham: by the little spougees..

morning wood

morning wood2

Morning wood

::On Glitch::
Hair: Lamb
Shirt: Suicidal Unborni
Vest: Fri.day
Pants: Poision
Belt: Acid & Mala
Boots: Abyss

[06:29] Glitch Grantham: thas a lot coming from me
[06:29] Glitch Grantham: lmfao

:: On Dream ::

Hair: 99Elephants – Clara
Hair Base: AITUI – Etched Hair Base
Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2

Jacket: R.icielli ~ MISSEILING Jacket
Shirt: Foxy Demons ~ Plain White T’s Stew Food
Pants: Rotten Toe ~ skinny pants
Boots: Duck Nipple ~ Motoko

Belt: SiniStyle ~ Stud Belt
Tattoo: Foxy Demons ~ You Had Me At Hello
Piercing: .HoD. ~ Satellite Piercing
Right – skream ~ Better Than You
Left – skream ~ Prickle Band
Ring: Naith Smit ~ Cluster-Fcuk Knuckles
Gloves: Cheerno ~ POKER Gloves

if i missed anything well sorry hasn’t slept.. lmaooo check out the other funny pictures on out flickers!
Glitch’s Flicker
Dreams Flicker

Dream & Glitch


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