Dream Afterthought

My Imaginary Friend

Ik since the hunt & hod thing we have been slacking a bit but i am preparing to do another hunt blog.. >:O yes the same hunt just sum of the items i fell in love with.. but for now here is a fun one .. we took a field trip with our lovely daughter Thursday to a pose place & my friend Ashley is well a ball whore? lmao that sounds wrong.. she likes pose balls! sheesh.. anyways, we found the padded cell which inspired us to share stories & inspired this blog. It also got me to go back to a wonderful store i hadn’t been to in a long time! As for Ash she is a boi & if you don’t know that term well.. lmao get with it! BUT she likes tee’s so she is my normal yet hot imaginary friend? make sense? haha maybe =S

My imaginary friend didn’t come through in the end
So now I have to find a real one
Didn’t answer when I called
Well I guess it’s just because
He was never there at all

I can’t believe it
Now that I’m looking back
Why didn’t I see it
Well I guess I didn’t even ask

Reel Big Fish – My Imaginary Friend

:: US ::

imaginary friend

:: Ashley ::

my imaginary friend2

Hair: 99elephants ~ krima

Hoodie: Atomic ~ Everyday Hoodie
Tee Shirt: no.07 ~ Remixed- Sold Out Tee
Shorts: League ~ Combat Shorts
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit ~ PornStar Lo-Tops

Tattoo: AITUI ~ Dire
Piercing/Ears:  AITUI ~ Gauged Ears

:: Dream ::

imaginary friend me2

Skin: Curio ~ Battle Royale – Surprise
Hair: 99elepahnts ~ Clara

Shirt: Rotten Toe ~ Vintage Polka Dot Corset
Shorts: Rotten Toe ~ Cutie Doll Shorts
Socks: Rotten Toe ~ Vintage Circus Hosiery

Shoes: Fri.day ~ Basic Flats
Piercing: LonelyStars ~ STFU
Chest – BOOM ~ What’s your Damage? (zombie popcorn exclusive)
Gloves – AITUI ~ Your Scars
Both – Hermony ~ Wristlocker
Right Hand – .HoD. ~ The Prayer of Forgiveness Bracelet

Padded Cell: -LEAR- ~ padded cell


Dream Afterthought & Ashley Kingsley


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