Glitch Grantham

I can be a freak

Hello darlings! As you might or might not have heard the fashion freaks hunt v.2 has begun and the goodies, ohh the goodies, lets get to showing some shall we?

Hay sassy kitties, and your adorable lamp dress. Unusual stuff is what I’m all about so when I saw this dress, I knew it should be mine, you can wear it in different ways and gives you many options, and that’s not the only deal, hello pearls and amazing boots. This is one item you do not wanna miss out on.

Fall seems to end quickly and Shush is definitely up to speed with this adorable knit dress, above I’ve posted pictures of the 2 different wearable options!
PS, if these were made of lambs, you’re grounded!

Love, mom. <3

Hey Boof!

So this one was fun, it has this adorable sideshow outfit, but it includes the stage and once you sit on it, it makes you dance, this honestly made my morning, seeing as I’m still trying to wake up and what not. Also, I am making that my pimp cane.. thank you boof, thank you for my pimp cane..


Such a cute dress, 2 different skirt options, I loved prancing around in the poofy skirt, though I love the tight skirt option, guess it depends in your mood or what look you’re going for but I must say both options are great.

Evie, I’m not exactly sure what it’s supposed to be, I’ll use the fact that I’m tired on my favor.. I’ll use it as PJs. It’s freaking adorable, and comes in many options. <3

Skin & Shape – Rozena Skin & Morgan shape

Sunglasses, Necklace & piercing – [b.nuts]

Hello cuteness! Items listed above are from the hunt.

._. Pretty Stick Dress.

._. seriously adorable, I’m not huge on green but who the hell can resist that little cloud <3

On to list the stores that will be participating in the hunt!

1. .:Shush:.
2. DivaLicious
3. [Acide!]
4. Sassy Kitty Designs
5. Just you
6. Candydoll
9. *evie*
10. Just Me
11. La’Licious Designs
12. #Before Sleep#
13. Mustang Trading Post
14. Dead Bunny
15. .::DELICIOUS::.
16. LACE le Femme
17. Sassy!
18. Black&Blue Outfitters
19. 22769 – Casual Couture
20. aMuse
21. KoQStar
22. SIGMA Jewels
23. [:DesseR!]
24. Alexohol Fashions
25. Pretty Stick
26. Xplosion
27. *ICED*
28. [[[PURRpose]]]
29. B&F-Poseworx
30. !MPP! My Pretty Pixels!
31. Charisma Designs
32. Leaks.
34. ::Temptation::
35. EDIKA Creation
36. paper.doll
37.  []Pole[]
38. Digital Eyes
39. [Muted]
40. BeScene Poses
41. G-series*
42. alaMood Boutique
43. .::Adoring Charms::.
44. :: Caladesi Island Company ::
45. Candy Silhouette
46. auTre Boutique
47. *Boof*
48. Eye Candi
49. Just A Pose
51. sYs
52. .:Reindeer:.
54. Iheart
55. Sonic Death Monkey
56. Illicit Designs
57. .:it’s cake:.
58. Link Designs
59. [b.nuts]
60. CHIC inc
62. *Cailyn’s*
63. *LP* design
65. Snowpaw Fashions
66. Love Zombie
67. Finesmith – Jewelry That Excites
68. \\Le’ Boom//
69. Carrasco’s
70. .::MonS::.
71. Quirky Designs
72. Simply
73. Avion Cosmetics
For more info on the hunt and hints be sure to check out the Fashion Freaks blog
Just a quick note, as the hunt has just begun some of the items might not be out yet, but keep a look out and be sure to check out the blog for updates!
Happy hunting.
– Glitch

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