Dream Afterthought

Exploration D:

so, i had a usual this is how i dress pretty much everyday.. tank, jacket, jeans.. lmao but i seemed to get perved a lot & since i did .. here ya go.. oh & i took pic’s at em this reallly cool place called (looks) Photon Pink! it’s very awesome.. go check it out !! on to my look bc it’s really late n im barely alive lmao =D

hair: TRUTH ~ Rayne – crow
skin: LAQ ~ Tasha
piercing: Visavi ~ Fade Piercing
necklace: HoD ~ Fallen v2 Necklace
tats: Garden of Ku ~ The Birds
horns:Illusions ~ Snicker
jacket: grasp ~ Cargo jacket
top: KHUSH ~ Nicole
pants: Poison ~ To rasgao jeans
belt: Cobrahive ~ Shima Belt
boots: Naith Smit ~ Rock’n’Rolla Ugg’s

& i had to edit 4 x’s.. yesh i am sleepies mk gn see ya with a new look soon

xox dream


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