Dream Afterthought

OH so Perdy =)

so, haha yeah im back in the swing of things & shopping is my addiction.. if only RL clothing was this cheap phew.. this time glitch bumped me into sum cheap skins.. she might KILL me for sharing.. lmao but shh.. just watch out till the new pink fuel comes out.. bc right now we have a deal NO skins till then =S.. which is driving us mad.. so we said if we find a good deal.. aka 25l – 250l lmao it’s good to go.. well we did..n em.. a look came to be n the land is looking so pretty so here it is!

Hair: Posh ~ Peek
Skin: Plastic Flowers ~ I bought them all you decide! (lmao)
Tattoo: KoQstar ~ Custom Made.. (get one done!)
Jacket: BP* ~ Denim Vintage Jacket
Shirt: SlutCookie ~ Lil Ho Tanks
iPhone: Traceon ~ iPhone4
Pants: K&CO ~ Coloured Denim
Flip Flops: SLink ~ Sheila Thongs
Pose: So Many Styles ~ Secret Peace3


dream afterthought


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