Glitch Grantham

Help! I’m alive.

Can you hear my heart, beating like a hammer?

I need to stop listening to metric, anywho.

Time for the make your own look with the 1 item crap I talked about in my previous post.

This lovely little dress came from duck nipple!

Duck nipple…

Duck nipple..

Duck nipple.

It’s addicting to say!

You’ll also find the tights, you can buy a whole outfit, or just mix and match :D they have a few options of dresses, tights and sweaters!

I skipped out on the sweater option cause that’s just me, reguardless of the dress though the shop’s worth to look at. Tons of cute stuff and money will never be an issue, they have more than reasonable prices and good quality aswell.

Also cocks!

Okay maybe not.

Over and out!



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