. The Source Of Uncertainty

Good evening lady’s and gentlemen. Hope all is well! The past few days have been mega “can’t be bothered” days for me. I’ve barely even been in my bedroom, I’ve been sat downstairs with my parents re-watching LOTR because I adore that trilogy and my mum failed to inform me that she hadn’t actually seen 2+3 yet, so I’m forcing her to watch them. We also just got the hobbit, so that was also a great watch! I’ve been to college and work too, but I’ve just been so lazy the past few days, I haven’t logged into SL either, which is unlike me.

But hey, we all need a break every once in a while.

So my post today, I’ve no idea where the inspiration came from, but I just rolled with it and this is what I’ve came up with.
I did slightly edit the shot, just fiddling a little with the hair and adding glow to the test tubes. (I got lazy, otherwise it’d probably be a half decent edit, but hey.)
So, please enjoy!


Skin: Clef De Peau – Simon (NEW! For MWFW!) Marco’s newest skin release. Holy fucking shit, this is even better than his other skin (Jules). The detail in the body is fantastic Marco, and the tash is perfect! I adore the added tones too! Really, it’s a must buy! So make sure you go to MWFW. (When it opens? I’m not sure, I’m so behind on SL fashion and events lol.) My next post, will be a more in-depth post for this skin, I just wasn’t feeling like doing that today, I loved my weird outfit too much.

Hair: Dura – Boy – 40
Goggles: Contraption – The Surgeons Eye
Piercings: Hod
Jacket|Test Tubes: Schadenfreude – The Good Doctor
Arm Strap: Cobrahive – Arm Strap
Jeans: Villena – Tucked Up Jeans – Black
Boots: Tonk Tastic – 50′s Jump Boots
Gloves: Tonk Tastic – Protection Gloves
Cuffs: Fairlight Industries – Leather Fighters Gloves

Thats all for now folks. Until next time, here is The Source Of Uncertainty;-

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